panther paper

Norfolk junior high

a nut named Steve

Steve the nut was sitting underneath a tree when people walked on him. He was taking a nap, but then he cracked from the heavy feet of the people. Steve started rolling. Steve kept talking to himself out loud saying, “ I'm a nut.”Steve called himself on the phone and asked himself for a little date. He picked himself up at half past eight. Then he said, “I'm a nut,” four times again.Steve went to the movies and stayed too late.

halo saga

The Halo Saga is a big one that has a lot of characters in the Saga. As Master Chief aka Jon 117, he plays the role as the mean character. Cortona is an artificial intelligence used to help Jon within the task to stop the Didact. The Halo 1-4 is a big fan game to Halo 5. The game goes on to the character, Spartan Lock, to hunt down Master Chief and bring back Jon to the UNSC for not following orders. As the story goes on, Master Chief tries to find Cortona.

alpha and omega

Two young wolves named Humphrey and Kate are friends. Then winter has past, and summer has come. Kate is on her first hunt as an alpha, but Humphrey watches from the sidelines. Then the eastern wolves intercept the hunt, after west and east wolves fight. The omegas broke up the fight. Then the western chief, Kate's father, told the eastern wolves to go home. The western wolves did not have food from the hunt. That night they howl at the full moon.

Feature story about dogs


Dogs have a lot of facts and I will tell you about them! The first is dogs are colorblind, but they can see color vividly like humans! Second, dogs sweat only between their paw pads! Third, a dog's mouth exerts 150-200 pounds of pressure per square inch! Fourth, did you know 85% of dog owners let their dogs curl up next to them while they are watching TV! Fifth, all dogs are identical in anatomy of 321 bones and 42 permanent teeth! It's hard to be a narrator, but we only have five more facts to go! Fact six, more than one to three American families own a dog. Seventh, the earliest dog fossil dates back to nearly 10,000 B.C. Eighth, dogs are natural pack animals. Fact nine, dogs live 15 years on average. Yes, yes! Good times, good times, it is time for the tenth fact! O.K. are you ready? Thet tenth fact is after birth, puppies eyes do not fully open until they’re about 12 days old. This is all I have about dogs for the day, so see you later!