The Not-So-Annual Newsletter

by: Erin and Friends :) - Issue No. 3 - 3/10/15

I Need YOUR Help!

Hey, you! Yes, you! The one reading this article right now! Hey, it's Erin, your editor, and I have a few questions for you all, just because I really need your help and since it is our, yes our newsletter, I really want to involve you guys, too! So, if you could please answer in the form below, that would be lovely! Here's a preview of the questions to be expected in the form so you can think about it...

1. If you have a Smore account, or have seen Smore themes and stuff, look at the theme examples and tell me which ones are some of the best!

2. Look on your Google Sites account and list some of the best Google Sites themes.

3. What should our website be called?

4. What are your favorite elements of TNSAN? (The Not-So-Annual-Newsletter) (which might as well be OWCA, which for those of you who don't know Phineas and Ferb stands for the Organization Without A Cool Acronym)

5. Do you think OWCA is a cool acronym or does it live up to it's acronym meaning? (Organization Without A Cool Acronym)

Enjoy the issue!

And take note, there are TWO forms this issue- the annual (or, not so annual) form of the issue, as well as this form for you to help me, which is linked below.

I Need YOUR Help!!!

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  • As you all know, I am ALWAYS looking for articles and pictures, and was very very very sad to find only one article in the folder I have in Google Docs which is labeled Possible Articles! So please help me by sharing articles for publishing!
  • Another way to help is by sending me pictures. It can be of anything! I am always in need of more pictures to add spice and make our newsletter even better!
  • You can help by posting on the blog or being an editor to the website. Just let me know in the form above if you would like to take part in this!
  • Anytime you want to you can send me ideas, by email or text or in person, for future form questions, but this time I am including it in the form of the issue! So yeah!
  • If you want to you can also be the editor for the issue! That's also in the form of the issue! I will email you if you are needed to do that.

Your Works!

What Happens When Friends Compete?

by: Ally

Lots of things can happen when friends compete. I have noticed that when my younger brother and his friends compete while playing outside, they become belligerent. Kids fight when others cheat or don’t follow the rules. They yell at each other and try to find a solution to the fight. Another example when kids compete, whoever wins always brags that they won and it makes the other person feel bad. These a few examples of what can happen sometimes when friends compete.

Sadly there's only one this time... We can do better! :)

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Sorry this issue was so short and so late!!! I didn't really have that much time and yeah... I hope you enjoy it anyways! And please fill out ALL the forms... I know it's a lot of questions, but please, I need your help, so DO IT!!! Please? :)

Person of the Issue

Olivia is the person of this issue, so here are some of the millions of questions she answered! :)


If given the choice to adopt a baby koala, or baby fox, she would chose a baby fox.

Her favorite color is orange.

Her favorite food is sub sandwiches.

Her biggest pet peeve is people with bad attitudes.

Her favorite sport is karate or tennis.

She looks for a friend to be nice, trustworthy, fun, caring, and positive.

If she could learn one random thing, she would learn gymnastics because of the cool flips and tricks they can do.

When given the choice to use internet explorer for the rest of her life or go cliff diving, she would go cliff diving because she hates internet explorer,

On the first day of ruling the world, she would end world hunger, end homelessness, and help the people who are poor.

There you have it! You have now officially truly met Olivia!

Pie, Potatoes, Pickles, or Cookie Dough Ice Cream from Cold Stone???

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Pick one!!! Which one will win???

Find out next time on... Pie, Potatoes, Pickles, or Cookie Dough Ice Cream from Cold Stone!