The Stamp And Sugar Act

The Revolutionary War

Who? Colonists and British

The Colonist were very angry with the British. They had to pay taxes for goods shipped from British. and for printed paper and such. They Protested that it is wrong, and they should not have to pay for it. Earlier there was a French and Indian War that the colonists were still paying off. This made the colonists very enraged.

Where? The Thirteen Colonies

The Sugar act had impact in The Thirteen Colonies. So did The Stamp Act.

What? The Stamp And Sugar Act

The Stamp Act started in 1765. Which meant they had to pay more for printed paper documents and even cards and news papers. The sugar act on the other hand was started in 1764. You had to pay taxes on goods that were shipped to all the Thirteen Colonies and what had sugar as a ingredient. So this all was a very big impact on them.


in 1765 and 1764

Why? Money

This was for paying over the French and Indian war so it would help pay back th British. It had to support the British army too.
The Stamp Act


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The Stamp Act & The Sugar Act

By: Giovanna