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All the trendy, sparkly, adorable electronics a girl needs!

What A Girl Wants!

Our store is filled, head-to-toe with amazing fashion forward gadgets that are the must haves for every girl. We have all the sparkles, jewels, prints, floral, etc. a girl could ask for when showing off her latest gadget to all her besties. Not only do we offer the coolest gear, but we offer the best prices in town. Your favorite accessories won't have to be plain and boring anymore, just jump online or come to our store!

WHy Our Gadgets Go!

As the name "electromagnetism" suggests, electricity and magnetism are very closely linked, these two partners in crime allow a magical connection to occur creating power to our gadgets. This relationship allows them to affect each other without contact, or through the process of electromagnetic induction. Electromagnetic induction occurs when a circuit with an alternating current flows through and generates current in another circuit simply by being placed nearby, such as a pink oven is connected to the dorm circuit with a plug. An alternating current is the kind of electricity flowing through headphones and dorm wiring, as opposed to a direct current, which we get from batteries.

Grab Your Gadgets!

Special: Just For You!

Here at Girlie Girl Gadgets we provide our customers with the option to buy our newly invented Girlie Girl electromagnetic plane! These planes run at $300,000, but the cost is totally worth it. Imagine riding privately in style armed with your best girlfriends headed to shop in Paris!! Our planes use high tech magnetism to run the GPS system much like a compass uses magnetism to work. The plane is pulled north initially based on the earth’s magnetic field. The south end of the “magnet” inside earth pulls the plane to face north. The pilot then adjusts the direction of the plane based on this initial North direction. The plane also runs on new high tech electric forces. A series of wires runs through the entire plane connected to a new highly charged battery that is rechargeable. When you run out of juice you simply plug in the battery for a couple hours and your plan is ready to fly you off once again. Who knows; maybe your new Girlie Girl plane with fly itself straight to your Prince Charming.

Created By: Savannah Swenson & Lexi Shepardson


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