The Five Types of Drugs

With their effects to our bodies


  • Stimulants speed up your CNS (central nervous system)
  • Causes increase in energy and heart rate
  • Elevates mood and gives excitement

Examples: Caffeine, cocaine, and crystal meth.

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  • Depressants slow down the CNS
  • Decrease in activity and heart rate
  • Fatigue, confusion, and depression

Examples: alcohol and tranquilizers

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  • Narcotics cause relaxation and drowsiness
  • These give nausea and vomiting
  • Cause slow breathing and confusion

Examples: heroin, tylenol, and advil

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  • Hallucinogens alter your perception, thoughts, and moods
  • These cause increased heart rate and addiction
  • Creates sweating and dehydration

Examples: acid and ecstasy

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  • Inhalants are a fume or vapor that you breathe in
  • Cause lightheadedness and suffocation
  • Creates nausea and addiciton

Examples: glue, paint, and gasoline

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