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drive question

motivation equals happiness witch equals productivity. i think that when your being motivated bye others that want. your success can bring you to be happy. and will make your work place a lot easier and less stressful.

why i would think that?

why i would think this way because when you get motivated to do your job in my research says that when you get motivated to do something theirs always a reward like more money involved or benefits. alfred ones said that succecs brings progress witch brings rewards. and when people push you it makes you happy in ways of your co workers joking around like your working to hard. or maybe your boss gives you a raise if the task is done. things like these motivate people from humor to getting work done it all goes hand and hand.
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Alfred alders theory...

Alfred theory said that ones you are motivated you realize what opportunity are upon you. and you wont have as much stress on the table you'll realize you've made progress and will be happy about it. and also will be more progress done a lot quicker.

so i believe his theory is right when you work harder and happier i believe that your work time will be rewarded at some point in time due to your excellent at work and actually get things done.

what drives people to get motivated at work?

things that drive me to get motivated are money and also benefits. and another thing would be that if people at work can be motivated bye you so we all work fluently. and i researched in some articles and websites shown, most people their motivation by mney. And also getting motivated by them getting recognized and also telling them you could get a possible promotion which leads to more money so they show their skill set more often. Another ways is that they prove others wrong that are higher than them in the company gives them the motivation that they can try to go up in the business. People are motivated by their future also in the career upon retirement..

What drives you to get motivated to do something? This was anonymous some people liked money some people wanted to have nice people on the job and also maybe more benefits and rewards. Most people just want a good work environment with good benefits

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does motivation create happiness at your job?

in my opinion it does due to the fact it makes me wanna work here and makes me wanna make the money it makes it not so stressful and bad. when i am motivated it helps me work harder and better. And my research show that, Motivation does help with people at their job people work together better when their happy at their job. People when their happy they attend to fix things and keep things stable quicker because they have more energy to do their job that’s what they like to do. When people are happy at work they attend to learn things faster they adapt quicker to what their next task is. Does being happy make you succeed on this job?

Most people said yes to be happy it work because it motivates you to get the job done and work smarter not harder. and also tells them that you love your job and its just a natural thing.

what does happiness have to do with your productivity at work?

happiness has to do a lot with me if i am not happy at work i wont have the motivation to do anything nor get anything done right. if i am happy it makes me work better and like to do what i do and get things done. my research shown is Happiness has a lot to do at work when you’re happy your motivated to do your job it makes you want to get it done and happiness makes works work better and more efficient rather than dread it and not it helps get through the day a little bit easier. Does being happy make you succeed on this job?

Most people said yes to be happy it work because it motivates you to get the job done and work smarter not harder. and also tells your co workers that they all can do it just as good as you can.

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what does it mean to be happy at work?

when your happy at work i think it means that you like your job and want to work with your job. and also me being happy makes me work harder and think about money bye the end of the day. the facts i found is Steve jobs ones said that knowing your work is a meaningful impact on the place it’s not just a work place its family also. Some people found that if you decorate your work place it makes you happy more at home. Happiness is the key to success at a job if you have no happiness your jobs going to suck and you’re not going to get anywhere with the job. Nor complete neither what is needed nor anyone around you. . If you made a suggestion on the job and your idea goes into effect would that make you happy?

A lot of people said yes to this because it’s your idea you made it and a bunch of people are going to use it it’s an accomplishment it something successful you did.I would be happy myself.

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what roll does money really play when motivating workers?

the roll i think it plays is when it comes to your yearly income when people look back and they realize its not a lot of money? and bye that they look back and realize why this happen say the fix it next year. The role money plays is where and how workers react to the job if there’s a crap pay to start with their not going to a be as hard working on the job if theirs higher pay and a chance for a promotion they will work harder and more efficient. People are different in every way but money is a big key role in the business world cleaner environments with more pay they’ll work hard if it’s rough times with high pay not as much people want money but its role is on various things. in my research. If

your boss is willing to give you 100, 000 a year are you willing to work harder?

People answered yes and a big amount answered depending on the task they have to take. Another question was Does money play a role on how you work?

It was about tied some people said yes to this some said no to this witch means you could like work and get your job done and some people just work to get money and get out of there.