Alondra sanchez

Description/Facts-Albert Einstein, Barack Obama ,and Andrew Jackson are immigrants.Immigration started in 1790 and no one knows when immigration will end.More than ! million people are now legal.Of the new U.S residents 14% are from mexico,7.9%are from China,and 6.4 are from India.As of 2013,Obama has removed around 2 million people that's the highest number from any presidents.

Emiliano Banda-Luna

Cause and Effect: Immigration is way to move from a country to another country to lived and worked.Now in days many people decide to immigrate to have a better life.First employment opportunities are the common reason that people emigrate to other countries.For example many people move to Russia or to Eroupe to work for a better state of living.All of these things and simulations will possibly to immigration.

DeMontre Jackson

Why People Move :Is the movement of people from a foreign country to the USA they stay as

everyday people .But they could be a terrorist coming in as a bum just like people you see everyday .

Giselle Alvarez

Glossary-Being a immigrant is a hard thing, crossing over the border without papers is a bad thing you will get in very bad trouble when they catch you and they don't see papers you will get sent back to your country and to some people that's not a very good thing, bad things could happen children being killed families. losing the things you love the most is not the best feeling its a horrible feeling.

Malik Thomas

Compare and Contrast:Good/more people coming to america.bad/people can come over and kill other people.same/there can be more jobs.