Spruce Grouse

Wisconsin Threatened Species

Endangered Species Act History

The Endangered Species Act took place in 1973, it was designed to protect threatened species from going extinct. The EAS had to reduce the extinction level at any cost in order to obtain their title and job opportunities.

Spruce Grouse Problem

The Spruce Grouse was introduced to the threatened species list in 1997. The major problem with this species is a suitable habitat. The spruce grouse need to a have colder climate, with plenty of land and trees. Another problem with this species is overhunting. I the early 19th century spruce grouse were overhunted, and started disappearing dramatically, by the early 20th century they were put on a watch list, and were thought to start rebounding on population, but that never happened do to habitat loss.


In the late 20th century, people started to reduce hunting, and they never regained population, so in 1997 they were forced to be put on the threatened list for Wisconsin, Minnesota, and some parts of Canada. If I was in charge, I would put them of the endangered species list, because they are decreasing in population, and they are a prey for many animals. People need to start keeping track of them, and observe and see what they do, so they can start saving them from prey.


We should keep track of all the species in the endangered and threatened list, and we should really start keeping track of the species that are getting close the lists. I believe that we should set limits, and we should make deer hunting antler only. So that way deer population can start increasing, and we will start to see more deer, and it would be back to where it was in the early 20th century.
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Graph of grouse poplation

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Areas a Spruce Grouse is located

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The Spruce Grouse is located generally in the northern region of US, and some providences of Canada. They are a mid size grouse, and the average size for a grouse is around 23 oz. The adult female is generally grey or brown, and the male is grey and black on top.