Renton Weekly

Week of 4/11

Staff Meeting

We will have a short meeting to discuss emergency protocols, what went well, what we can improve etc. We will also discuss 1st day M-Step concerns.

Accommodation Logs

Please make sure that your Trimester 2 Accommodation Logs have been filled in on the google doc. I know many of you do it as a paper copy but we need you to transfer that information to the google doc as well. Laurie stated the special education portion should be all set up for Trimester 3 by Tuesday. You may want to check to make sure you have all of your hours etc. Try to stay current with them so that you do not fall to far behind.

Bags, Purses, ETC

In light of the recent events we are asking that students DO NOT bring their bags to their sixth hour classes. If they come with a bag, please send them back to their lockers.

8th Grade Contracts

Please turn them into Carrie as soon as possible.

Upcoming Dates

4/12 M-Step, Baseball

4/13 Track Home

4/14 M-Step