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Every $50 you spend in June earns you $25 Dot Dollars to spend in July!

Hello Moms!

First, congratulations to YOU for making it through another school year! Wake ups, packing lunches, shuttling, dealing with social issues, homework...it's no small feat! The others that need the pat on the back are your kids' teachers!

I know the school year is coming to a close, but I'd love to help you take care of that teacher that's taken care of your little ones (or big ones) this year. I'm happy to upgrade shipping at no charge, if need be.

And let's not forget that for every $50 you spend in June, you earn $25 Dot Dollars to spend on yourself in July! It's a win, win for all!! And what's even better? The new fall line is launching next month!!

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Love and style to you and your child(ren)'s teachers,