London, England

Katelyn Wheeler's dream vacation

London Facts

Going to London is my dream vacation.

My destination is located in England.

I want to visit London because there is a lot to do there, and I have never been there.

My destination is great because I want to see the Buckingham Palace.


London is the biggest city in England

It is the first city to have an under ground railway

Home of the Tower Bridge

Also home of St. Paul's Cathedral

London occupies 620 square feet


It will take me 10 hours and 30 min. to get to London

London is 4,906 miles away

My mom, dad, sister, and best friend Lauryn

I will take a plane

I will stay a week

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At Bridge apartments

I will need to pack bathroom stuff (like a toothbrush), and clothes, and money, my phone and charger

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My trip will cost $4,857

Lodging will cost $1,785

I will have $1,000 in spending money

Food will cost $247.17

Airfare will cost $1,825

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I will go and see the tower bridge

You can see the Buckingham palace

One unique thing in London is that you have the opportunity to see a castle

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