by : Jd

#1 where a tiger lives

Tigers live in : South Central China, Siberia, Sumatra and India. Tigers live in the jungles and forests of India because it has a great supply of food and water. The tiger lives where lots of animals are and were water is , it also might live in a cave for protection from rain.

Is a Tiger a vertibrae?

The tiger is a vertebrae because it can bend its bones and also it can run, jump and swim and that is how I know it is a vertebrae. Lots of stuff wouldn't be accomplished if it wasn't a vertebrae.

#3 what a tiger eats

My animal eats meat as in medium to large size animals [ tapir, deer, and other large animals ] It is a carnivore. It is a meat eater. The tiger has a variety of food because it lives in the jungle. It will also halve lots of water and food so it can survive in the wild.

how does a tiger adapt to its enviorment ?

The tiger has to adapt to the changing environment. 1 way it adapts is : it will have to eat the food that is available. 2 another way it will have to adapt is : it will have to adapt to the weather. The 3rd and last way it will have to adapt is it will have to survive.