PoDS Pride Update 11.5.21


Sign Up for Student Led Conferences

Much that we do here at PoDS is very different as compared to other schools. Perhaps the most pronounced difference is our approach to conferences. Most secondary schools set up all the teachers in a gymnasium, where you, as parents, visit briefly with teachers to get an overview of their progress. Students are strangely absent.

The students lead the parent-teacher conferences here at PoDS. They share their work, discuss their academic progress, reflect on their character growth, and set goals for the next quarter. Each student will have a scheduled time with their Crew teacher, who will answer any questions you have and shepherd the student through the conference. We recognize that you may wish to speak to all of your children's teachers, so we build into our conference schedule an "open time," where you can visit with any and all teachers.

Our conferences are scheduled for Tuesday, November 9, Wednesday, November 10, and Thursday, November 11. Each day, the "open time" where you can stop to see any teachers is from 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. Then, your student will have a scheduled 20-minute conference with their Crew teacher.

Sign up for a conference time using your child's crew teacher's link below.

Mrs. Barbier

Mrs. Grulke

Mr. Heitz

Mrs. Kollock

Mr. Vinopal

Mr. Wotruba

Dinner for Teachers

Given the unique circumstances of the last couple of years, our teachers are working harder than ever. I'd like to provide the teachers with dinner on each night of conferences.

I'll provide dinner for them on Wednesday, and am asking for your help in providing dinner for them on Tuesday and Thursday. If you are willing and able, please use this document to sign up to bring something on Tuesday or Thursday. Thank you in advance for your help!

Dan Lathrop


Point of Discovery School



Twitter: @mr_lathrop

Fundraising for PoDS

Perhaps our most meaningful traditions at PoDS are our off-site, multi-day adventures. COVID has prevented these trips from happening over the past couple of years, but we're hopeful to bring them back, perhaps this spring, but definitely for next school year. Our hope is to have a series of escalating experiences that culminate in mind-blowing trips for our juniors (and hopefully seniors). These trips, obviously, will come with a significant cost.

In an effort to keep costs down for families, we have historically had fundraisers here at school, but again, COVID has prevented these. Now, we're gearing up for three major fundraisers this year:

>ChicoBags - This fundraiser is ready to get up and running! See all of the details below, but we need everyone to share this with family and friends. It's a product with a great reputation, and we get 40% of all sales!

>Candlelight Hike/Snowshoe/Ski - In January, we'll be hosting an event for the community to learn more about, and support, PoDS. Students will obtain pledges and families can come to school for a beautiful winter evening candlelight hike/shoe/ski. We'll have food for sale here at school to also help raise funds.

>Plates for PoDS - This late-April event has been a huge success in the past! A local chef will prepare a spectacular formal meal for guests. We will also hold a silent auction that evening.

These fundraisers are absolutely essential in order for us to provide our students with the adventures unique to our school. They reduce costs for all families and provide all students with an opportunity to participate. But we need your help in order to make them successful, so please go above and beyond to help these fundraisers be as successful as possible!