Fidel Castro

By Annika Hentz

This Man is 97!!!


Fidel Castro was the dictator of Cuba from 1959-2008 when he gave leadership to his brother. He had most of the peoples support. Fidel did many great things for the Cuban people as well as some not so great things.

Government and Economy

Fidel was the Dictator of Cuba from 1959-2008. He lead a Dictatorship government. Fidel Castro ran a command economy.

Personal Life

Fidel Castro was born 8/13/26 in Biran, Cuba. He grew up very wealthy amid much poverty. He went to law school at University of Havana.


The beliefs that Castro had were in communism.

Rise to Power

Castro rose to power by forming an army and trying to over take the current leader. He lead 160 men into Cuba in a suicidal attack. Most of the men were killed but Castro himself was arrested. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Later in finally had a 800 man army that defeated the Cuban governments professional army of 30,000 men. Fidel Castro then became head of the Government.

Reasons for Fidel Castro

I support Fidel Castro for a few reasons. He gave health care to all who needed it in Cuba. Castro abolished discrimination, gave electricity to the countryside, as well as built new school buildings and medical facilities.