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Eragon is about a boy who is a hunter and he finds a dragon egg one day.And that hunter's name was Eragon. What he didn't know was that people were after that egg. And not just any people it was a lord that wanted all dragons and dragon eggs in the kingdom. what happens next?
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Baby Sphyra

Baby saphyra loved Eragon very much and when she met Eragon she was happy and never let Eragon out of her sight. As time passed she grew bigger and bigger until Eragons barn could no longer hold her. Eragon had to let her go if he didn't then she would be caught and used as a slave for the king Galatorix and used as a slave for evil. When Eragon let saphyra go she kept on coming back over and over again. When Eragon was all grown she came back to her boy and this is when the real trouble begins.


Once upon a ( A long time ago) there was a boy that was a farmer boy that was named Eragon he was out hunting when there was a flash of light that went through him and then an egg appeared in front of him and he cautiously went up to the beautiful stone and it hatched. It was a dragon

rising action

Ra'zac poisoned a girl named Aria. Aria escapes the castle and she runs to Eragon and he saves her from the poison that is almost to her heart. Then they escape to a village in a canyon. The king soon finds out that Eragon and Saphira and Aria were hiding in the village and a war starts.

High point

The village that Eragon was staying at won the war. But there is always a down side to war. The village was destroyed and many people were killed in the war. Saphira was almost killed by a different type of dragon called a smokeling which is made of pure evil.


Saphira survived and Eragon and Aria. The Ra'zac died and so did the smokeling. Eragon became the leader of their village and their protector. But the king he's still alive and still alive. And he's still evil.
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The rating for Eragon is a 4 out of 5.
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