Cedar Grove Belgium E-Tech

8th hour in Mrs. Paradise's room

Learn about useful things on the internet!

Become a 21st Century Learner, leverage the power of the web and apply it to your academic lives and future employment endeavors. Innovation continues to occur on the internet faster than most can keep pace. This course is designed to directly address the use of technology in the classroom and help students become proficient with a suite of applications and model skills that will ensure they become 21st Century students. Students will cover a variety of tools, including Web 2.0, coding and everything Google to leverage the power of the web. There will be blogging, collaborating, navigating, analyzing, researching, communicating and creating while on the web ensuring they have adaptive skills in technology for the future.

What do we learn about?

  • Coding
  • Game Design
  • Movie Maker
  • Infographics
  • Comics
  • Google Apps
  • Web 2.0