By : S.G. 4th Period

What is Drama?

Drama is a story reanacted by actors in front of a live audince. Like Romoeo and Juleit thats popular play that everyone does.

Types of Drama

Dramatic Structure is a conflict between two or more character

Tragedy is like a right or wrong choice if you choose the wrong one then that means its a Tragedy. For example you lost your bestfriend in a car acciednt thats a tragedy.

Modern Drama is a gonna be like a comedy to make the audince laugh, also it could be a rommance to make hearts feel warm, or the mixture of two to make the play seem more realistic in life and make them laugh and cry.

Performance Of A PLay

Stage Direction is one of the most important partts of a play because without that it would be big mess it would be like one of the busy working rooms where noone knows whats going

  • In the play you need
  • actors
  • directors
  • stage crew
  • lighting technians