Kindergarten News

August 31, 2015

Getting Started in Kindergarten Week 3

Reading - This week we will continue reading books about starting school. We are practicing rules, procedures and routines at school. Our reading strategy is Eagle Eye...look at the pictures for help with the text.

Vocabulary Words - Responsibility and Respect
Responsibility is doing what is expected. Respect is treating people the way you want them to treat you.

Sight Words - can, like

Writing - We are using sight words and phonetic spelling to write about our good school manners.

Phonics - We are focusing on the letters and letter sounds of v, s, z & j. We are also practicing rhyming words.

Math - We are starting Math Topic 2 Comparing and Ordering Numbers 0 to 5. This includes counting groups, writing a numeral to show how many in a group, counting and using one to one correspondence and making groups by adding one or two more. Please login to your child's math account.

Choose: “sign in”
username: student’s first name and last name (lower case, no spaces) and the last 3 digits of their student id # (lunch number). Example: amygibson456
password: FHSD (all capitals) and their student id number (lunch number)
Example: FHSD123456

This week:

Wednesday - Our Counselor, Mrs. Nix, will visit with a lesson and activities about our feelings, friends and school.

Thursday - Return your book on Wednesday and be ready to check-out a new book on Thursday.

Friday - Bobo's Pizza School Fundraiser Kickoff

No School on Monday, September 7th. It's Labor Day!

Give Me Five Book Bags

We are bringing home a ziploc bag of five books to read for fun. You can keep the bag for as long as you like. When your child is done reading through their book bag send it back to school. After returning one Give Me Five book bag your child will choose another bag to bring home. Our library staff and parent volunteers have generously given their time and resources to provide this early literacy program to our kindergarteners. Happy Reading!
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Scholastic Book Orders

From time to time I will send home a Scholastic book order. Book orders can be a fun way to get your child excited about reading. Scholastic books are usually offered at fair prices. Plus your order will help our classroom earn books for our classroom library and other resources. Another way to use the orders is to let your child circle the books they would like to read. Then make a list of those books and check them out from a St. Charles County Library.