New planet Opening!

Come on Down to Planet Milkesiaw Found By: Scott Mancinelli


We have 2 super moons both 50 miles apart! This Causes SUPER TIDES!! These moons pull together on the ocean. All of this makes the tides rise and fall up to 25 feet!! Can you imagine how Fin this will be!. Trust me, there will be no riptides what so ever. Why is because the moons are moving fairly slower than the one on Earth. It takes 5 Earth months for the moon to make one revolution around Milkesiaw. Also Milkesiaw turns very slowly Which also prevents rip tides. This also causes the days to become longer.

About Oceans, Mass, gravity, the axis, seasons!

On this fine planet the oceans are shallow compared to Earth. They only go to 1/2 of a mile deep. This is fun for the family because all the water is Warm as can be. The sun, which is farther away from us than Earth, heats up this shallow water much easier than the deep water on Earth. Our Atmosphere is 50% carbon dioxide which warms the whole planet. This Also causes the oceans to warm up. Our planet's mass is actually less than Earth. This causes the gravity to be low. You can Jump High in thee sky! This is very fun! The axis of our planet is coincidentally the same as Earth's. This means the seasons will be the same.

More info on Biomes

  • If you like the cold Visit the Poles. They are deserts
  • If you like very warm Tropical ares Visit the equator
  • If you are that kind of guy who is in between just go right in the middle of the poles and equater
  • HAVE FUN!!

Come on down before there is no space left at Planet Milkesiaw