Third Grade Weekly Newsletter

Mrs. Arndorfer - May 2-6


Solar System: We will begin work on our solar system unit. Look for information on planet reports and the solar system project soon.

We have three fieldtrips planned this spring. We submitted a request to the Grand Meadow Education Foundation for funding for all three fieldtrips plus transportation costs. They graciously agreed to pay for all three trips! This is an extremely generous gift! If you should happen to see a member of the foundation, please thank them. To summarize, all students entrance fees and transportation fees have been provided for. Students will need a packed lunch on all trips. The trips are planned for:

May 16 - Mystery Cave

May 24 - Owl Center in Houston - At this time, masks are required inside the Owl Center.

June 1 - Quarry Hill Nature Center

*** Parents may join us at the destinations, but you must provide your own transportation. Only students and teachers will ride the bus. Parents must also pay for entry at each destination.

Costs are:

- Mystery Cave/Forestville - $11

- Owl Center - Flat fee covers 50 entrants. If you come and we are over 50 entrants, you will not be admitted.

- Quarry Hill Nature Center - $10

*** Students are required to ride the bus to the destination. If you want to take your child home at the end of the day from the venue, you need to obtain prior approval from administration because of liability issues. Administration may be reached at

*** Parents are also required to complete a background check to join field trips. The link for the background check is below. The school pays the fee.

Dates to Remember:


11: Service Learning

13: Grandparent's Day

16: Mystery Cave

18: Activity Day

19: Activity Day- if need to reschedule

24: International Owl Center

30: No school


1: Quarry HIll


Spelling Words

Week 29

Words with suffix -ful/-fully

1. beautiful

2. cheerful

3. harmful

4. playful

5. useful

6. colorful

7. thankfully

8. joyfully

9. helpfully

10. painfully

11. carefully

12. hopefully

Big picture

Our Story This Week:

Thank you, Mr. Falker

Click on the link below to listen to this week's story.

Thank you, Mr. Falker read by Jane Kaczmarek


Math This Week


  • Our class has lunch very late. Please be sure to send a good, healthy snack with your child. We have a lot of hungry kids by late morning.


A to Z Vocabulary (Spelling practice)

This is the link to spelling work practice.

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