Kennedy Middle School Library News

1st Six Weeks 2016

Kennedy's First GOLD Medal Readers

This year has started with great success for Kennedy Middle School. There have been a total of 3 Gold Medal Readers here at Kennedy Middle School for the first six weeks of school. 8th grader Sofia Leal, 7th grader Jael Garcia, and 7th grader, Luis Fernando Vasquez have all reached Gold Medal Status here at KMS. Reaching this status means that they have read more than one million words. Jael Garcia has even gone further and has now entered into the category of Most Decorated Reader, reading more than two million words. Congratulations to these 3 outstanding individuals and keep up the great work!

Bright Summer Readers 2016

The 22nd Annual Bright Summer Reader program was a huge success. The theme for this year was Book Camp! The three winners for this year were Sofia Leal, Jael Garcia, and Vasty Garcia. All three young ladies attended the celebration on September 19, 2016 where they were treated to an awesome night of fun and entertainment. Thank you girls for representing KMS so well, and thank you to all the students that turned in their Bright Summer Reader logs. Take a look at the incredible time they had that evening as well as the Bright Summer Reader Breakfast that followed later that week.

Battle of the Books Kennedy Middle School 2016-2017

The Battle of the Books for this year is in full swing! Round 1 has come and gone, and there were 14 students that made it to Round 2. They are Alyzia Alvarado, Jennifer Bernal, Ashley Carrillo, Samantha Estrada, Sofia Leal, Katia Luna, Alaiza Mata, Alexa Martinez, Sofia Pulido, Anaelda Ramos, Priscilla Resendez, Jael Garcia, Valeria Portales, and Ashley Gonzalez. Keep up the great work and good luck on your way to Round 3. Remember that the deadline for Round 2 is November 11, 2016.

Celebrating Dot Day 2016

International Dot Day was celebrated this year on Thursday, September 15, 2016. 8th grade students from Jennifer Garcia's classes came in to celebrate this wonderful story. The students were read aloud the book, which they absolutely loved, and which goes to show that they are never too old to be read to. Students were then asked how they would leave their mark here at Kennedy Middle School, or how they would leave their mark in life. They loved creating their own unique dots and really appreciated the project. Just as the book "The Dot," pushed Vasty to try harder, the students understood that we are always striving to get them to try harder and never give up so that we can always get the best out of them. These pictures show just how creative the students got. Thank you to Miss Jennifer Garcia for allowing me to share this project and story with your classes.

Banned Books Week 2016

Banned Books Week is celebrated every year the last week in September. It is celebrated to show and highlight our freedom to read. So many books out there are challenged and banned every year, and to bring awareness to this, Mrs. Sarah Barrientes brought her 6th graders in to become aware and understand just how this happens. The students were asked to understand that there are risks to reading banned books; however, for every risk there are rewards. The students really enjoyed the lesson and were able to put down their thoughts on a venn diagram to show what they felt were risks and rewards to reading banned books. These pictures really highlight their creativeness and collaboration to filling in their venn diagrams. Thank you Mrs. Barrientes for letting me share this awareness with your classes.

Circulation Statistics Soar for KMS in the First Six Weeks!

Kennedy Middle School has seen some impressive circulation statistics for the first six weeks of school. There were a total of 4,086 books that were circulated, with 736 AR quizzes passed, and 15,078,753 total words read!! WOW! A huge thank you goes out to all teachers here at KMS for supporting literacy, especially to all ELA teachers for really pushing our students to read those books and test. Good job everyone!