The Children Times

All You Need To Know About Their Living And Entertainment!

Living On The Goldfields

For children living on the goldfields between 1851 and early in the twentieth century, life could seem like a great adventure one day, and very difficult and harsh the next. Because their parents moved around a lot, looking for new and richer goldfields, children would have to change schools pretty often. It usually took a while before a school was established in a new area, so often there was no schooling at all.

This might sound like fun, but it made it very hard to learn to read and write, and to do maths.

What They Did!

What They Did At Home

Besides, when they weren't in school, children were expected to help their parents with household chores such as minding the younger children, shopping, fetching water up from the creek, gathering firewood, washing clothes, cooking, or taking care of horses. Often they would also be expected to help look for gold at the diggings. Topics covered in this Primefact include:
  • mud pies with glitter
  • rocking the golden cradle
  • the gleaners of gold
  • schoolwork
  • the first schools
  • the teachers
  • the first school buses
  • have schoolbooks, will travel
  • provisional school
  • teachers' accommodation