Magnificant Mummy Updates

by James

How To Make Mummies

Do you know how to make a mummy? First, egyptians washed the body at one tent. Next, egyptians removed the organs, took out the brain with a hook, and stuffed the body. Finally, the egyptians rapped the body. These steps took about 70 days.

Tomb Robbers

Tomb robbers are people who rob tombs. Tomb robbers don't care about the punishments like the death penalty.They only care about money and want it really bad.The reason why tomb robbers rob tombs is because they are poor and need the money. I think tomb robbers are foolish.

Getting Inside Tombs

Have you ever wondered how people get inside tombs? Tomb robbers used axes and other equipment to make tunnels. They used tools to unlock chests and cases for the mummy. Not just tomb robbers get inside tombs, scientists do too. Scientists go inside tombs because they want to learn about the past.
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Seven Wonders

Ever wondered what the seven wonders were? The seven wonders are monuments built in Europe, Africa, and Western Asia. They were built for important people. Some of them housed mummies, like Artemisia.If you can, try to visit these cool places today.
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Preserved Bodies

Do you know how a mummy stayed preserved? Sometimes ice surrounded the body of the mummy, so the body didn't rot. Chemicals that kept bugs and animals away were also on the wrapper they wrapped the body in. Lastly, egyptians would store the mummy in a tomb so nobody would destroy them. If mummies are in good condition because of this, scientists can find a lot out about the past.


  1. Egyptians- something of or about Egypt or it's people
  2. Organs- any part of a living thing that does a special job
  3. Monuments- something set up to honor a person or event