Success Tips for WAY

A successful researcher...

Checks the Message Center every day!

  • Stay in contact with your mentor by sending and responding to messages daily.
  • Look for Award Letter messages from Experts. Use their feedback.

Makes and follows a plan!

  • Choose at least 2 classes to work on each week.
  • Pick at least 1 project per class.
  • Complete and submit at least 1 module per day so you can meet the program minimum of 2 projects per week.
  • Successful researchers push themselves to complete 2 bigger projects, or 3-4 smaller projects each week.

Asks for help and uses all resources!

  • Chat an Expert in the subject area of the project you are working on for help. OR
  • Email an Expert. (Look up the Online Expert Schedule in the Projects area.)
  • Open and use all links, videos, graphics, or documents provided to you.
  • Don't be afraid to chat and work with other researchers!

Stays active and engaged!

  • Join a few interest groups or start one of your own!
  • Make friends and chat with other researchers.
  • Attend online events! (Look for details on the Announcements board on the HERO home page or watch for emails in your Message Center.)
  • Get creative and make your own projects! Chat or email an expert in the subject area you want to earn credit in to get you started.