Rachael Ray

By: Abby Vernon

Personal Information

Born: August, 25th 1968

Place of Birth: Glen Falls, New York

Rachael's family owned a restaurant on Cape Cod Massachusetts. She also started her career as a chef at Macy's marketplace in New York. She is most known for her television series "30 Minutes Meals".


Rachael attended Pace University, but stopped to consider what career she was interested in. She worked in Manhattan for a couple of years, but decided to move back upstate. She was working at a gourmet grocery when she came up with the idea of "30 Minutes Meals". Her career went to the next level.


She is most famous for her cooking show "30 Minute Meals". The show actually received criticism from chefs, because she wasn't cooking with gourmet ingredients. This, however, is what made her show popular. She could relate to the parents who didn't have time to cook gourmet meals every night. Her bubbly personality made it easier for her to keep an audience for years. When Food Network first came to her for a T.V show she felt she didn't belong there. She proved herself and other wrong.