Michael Higbee and Jessy Young

Possible Hazards/Uses of This Chemical


Dimethylamine is a known pheromone that German Cockroaches use to communicate. It is colorless gas, and gives off an odor similar to that of ammonia.

This chemical can be man-made, where in 2005 around 270,000 tons were produced in factories. Although dimethylamine can be produced industrially, it can also be found as a natural chemical compound.

Some of the more common uses for Dimethylamine are:

  • Insect Pheromone
  • Converting Natural Rubber into Durable Materials
  • Solution for Water Concentrations
  • Soaps and Cleaning Compounds
  • Found in Rocket Fuel (Unsymmetrical Dimethylhydrazine)

From intensive research, our team discovered that Dimethylamine is not a potentially hazardous chemical compound. This compound can commonly be found in plants and animals, and it is distributed widely among the food industry.