6th Grade: Stepping into Research

Find the Information You Need

Step 1: Identify Your Topic

Pick a topic that interests you!

Jot down some "meaty", "thick", questions you have about the topic.

Good questions will help guide your reading.

Example: What are the benefits of using cell phones in class?

Example: How do cell phones disrupt student learning?

Step 2: Find those KEY search terms

Look at your questions and circle/underline/highlight the nouns and action words.

Never search using a full sentence! Use only one or two KEY terms in a search box.

Example: "cell phones" and school

Example: "cell phones" and classroom

Example: "cell phone" and educational benefits

Example: "cell phones" and school distractions

Web Resource-InstaGrok

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Web Resource: DeeperWeb

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NoodleTools: Citing Your Sources

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