The Age Of Exploration

Explore Project, Sir Walter Raleigh

Biographical Information:

  • Born: January/22/(1552 or 1554). Death: October/29/1618. His Career was an English Explore, Soldier, and Writer. His Nationality was English. His Homeland was in a farmhouse near the village of East Budleigh in Doven, England.

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What Nation Did He Explore?

Sir Walter Raleigh and some companions voyaged to many places. They went to Venezuela, North Carolina, Africa, Boston, Philadelphia, Cuba, The Carbine islands, and others. When he went to North Carolina he brought his brother in law and established a colony near Roanoke Island which is the North Carolina right know. But he also traded goods/food,clothes,beer, and treasure to many places especially The United Kingdom.

Circumstances of Death:

After the Death of Queen Elizabeth I, King James I became the new king. He thought that Walter was a Foe. He sentenced him to life and locked him up in the tower of London. He was released in 1616 to find Gold in South America against the kings approvals. Then he got sent back with no Gold to England and was arrested under kings orders. Then he got Executed. Spectators felt bad for him and some where crying. But one person who affected the most was his wife. They say that she grabbed Walters head and put it in a sack/bag.

Why Is This Explore Historical?

Sir Walter Raleigh is historical because he has achieved many, many, many things in his life. Especially to there monarchy/queen and king. He established a colony, explored new places and has gone to war many times. He has gotten really good trades and goods. He was a favorite of Queen Elizabeth and was really meaningful to people. He was a very, very,very! important person. He also different countries different drinks, food, clothes, and other things.
The Life of Sir Walter Raleigh

EQ: Which explorer would have influnced you to want to immagrate from Europe to the area they explored?

Sir Walter Raleigh would of influenced me. This is because he was never scared of anything. He always stayed positive and always was brave no matter what the consequence was. During the execution he told the guy with the axe ,"Strike man, strike!!!" Something like that. Then out of a sudden he is dead. If I where to pick an explore I would of pick Sir Walter Raleigh!.I would of immigrate to a place he explored!