Joe Lipp President of Lipp LLC

An Excellent Football Player

Joe Lipp

Joe Lipp is sports lover who loves anything and everything about the sports. He has played a variety of sports since his childhood and received various awards and certifications for that.
He knows that the best way to enhance human lives throughout the lifespan as it keeps us fit and healthy.
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Joe Lipp Sports Player

Joe can play any sport that can be soccer, cricket, tennis, golf, squash, boxing, scuba diving, lacrosse, semi pro football, etc. According to Joe the person must be good in playing sports for achieving success and become better in life. He has a better understanding of the technics and skills that are essential for a good sports person.
Joe Lipp

Joe Lipp Sports Lover

Joe has done outstandingly well while he was a player on the Rams football team during his school days. He has won multiple awards for his performances as a volunteer graduate in the Delaware Valley High School