Race Relations in Today's Society.

Meri Bobrovsky

Slavery in America

Slavery began when European merchants started the Triangular Trade. The Triangular Trade was a system where slaves, goods (such as crops), and manufactures were traded within Africa, the Caribbean, and the American Colonies. The slaves were shipped on slave slave ships, these ships were large freight ships made for carrying slaves and the conditions aboard the ship were abominable, and did not meet the criteria for cleanliness, which caused many amounts of slaves to die on the journey. The reason so many slaves were needed in the New World is because of the new term "cash crop". "Cash crops", were goods such as Sugar, Tobacco, Cocoa, Coffee and Cotton. There were more slaves down South because there was so much more farm land and that is where all the cotton was grown, and cotton was a big crop during this time. Then Eli Whitney invents the Cotton Gin, the Cotton gin made their job easier to be done but the load of work became heavier.

Slaves in America were treated poorly. The typical amount of hours of sleep a slave got was from way after sundown til' way before the sun rise. The typical meal for a slave was cornmeal. they did not have a bed to sleep on they may or may not have a course blanket to lay upon. The jobs range form House Slave to Field Slave. The way of punishment for a slave was ,depending on how bad, a whipping. After a whipping the slaves would have slash marks up and down their back. Though there were no limits on reading and drawing the slaves were not allowed what so ever to write, it was strictly prohibited. Most masters did not allow their slaves to attend church, however, that did not stop the slaves from having their secret ceremonies. The slaves were not allowed to legally get married but if granted permission by their master their were allowed to get "married". The slaves were allowed to have children in fact some masters forced the women to have a child with them and the child will become a slave because an African American child takes the position of it's mother so if a free African American had a child her child would also be free, and vice versa.The slaves were treated like property when they were whipped and/or executed. If a slave was caught running away the punishment would go to the extreme like death or the most common punishment was being sold South.

It took until 1865 for slavery to be illegal in the United States with the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. In 1839 the Catholic church is against slavery. In 1844 the Methodist Church split over slavery so half were against it and half wanted it. In 1861 the Civil War began. Finally, in 1863 the Emancipation Proclamation was issued. Abraham Lincoln was neither for nor against slavery. He stated in the Emancipation Proclamation that "if he could stop this war by ending slavery he would, and if he could end this war by not ending slavery he would " . The civil war turned into a war to end slavery because the North created blockades around the South and started to cut their resources. Then they started to fight North (no slaves) v.s. South (slaves).

My Race Plan

On November 22, a 12 year old African American boy was playing in a park with a toy gun in Cleveland and was shot by a police officer. In Mentor, Ohio, a teenage boy was seen on the Mentor High School property smoking an electric cigarette, a police officer physically detained the student, but the student also was verbally abusing the enforcement and would not obey the instructions.

In America, lately there have been many different shootings involving an African American and police enforcement. To see if the police officers are racist or biased they should be ran through as series of tests recording their heart rate and brain activity while being asked a series of questions involving race problems. For example, they will be asked questions like "Are you, (your name) racist or biased in any way towards any race and/or religion". If their heart rate goes up with their answer they are most likely not telling the truth. If the officers fail this test they will go through a training and do things to improve their thoughts. Once they have taken this test again after failing if they did fail, they will report back to duty with everything they had before.

I understand that some people will not like this idea due to the level of extremity of the tests but i do believe that these test will make the world safer for everyone of every race, religion, and age. I also believe that these will work more than a paper and pencil quiz where people may lie.

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Baltimore Riots.

Due to the inequality. People are rioting and protesting. Due to the violent protests, are eighth grade class can no longer go to Baltimore's Aquarium