Oil Spilling All Around The World

By: Maliya Edwards

The Environmental Effect

The animals that lives in the water or near by are most affected by oil spills. Animals can choke and die from these oil spills. The animals that don't die gets oil in their fur. That can be bad because animals that have oil in their fur such as birds and mammals to float in water and regulate their body temperate. Many baby animals and birds starve to death because their parents can't detect their natural body scent. Birds accidentally swallow the oil and die when they try and clean themselves. Some animals might also become blind from the oil.

Effect On the Economy

When oil spills happen, it effacts the amount of petroleum and gas available for use. Barrels of oil would have to be imported from other countries. Also cleaning up the oil spills requires a lot of financing. The workers who help clean up the oil spills face big health problems. Their medical treatment has to be paid for and the government is now responsible.

Effect on Tourism

Oil spills effect on tourism because places that rely on sea water activities have to stop until the oil is cleaned up. ( activities such as sailing, swimming, rafting, fishing, parachute gliding) the biggest oil spill was during the Gulf War when 240 to 336 millions gallon did crude flowed into the Persian Gulf. In 2010 six oil spills were seen in the USA. Oil spills had happen outside the United States In Canada, Nigeria, France, United Kingdom, and China.

Facts of Oil Spills

1) Iraqi forces intentional released million gallons of oil int the Persian Gulf in 1991 as part of the offensive in the Gulf War.

2) Within 6 months of the oil spill, 8000+ animals had died. Many were on the endangered list.

3) Over 30,000 people came to Gulf t clean the oil spills.

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