Dinner Simplified!!!

Freezer Meal Workshop or NEW Simple.Healthy.Dinner

Would you like a break from figuring out what to feed the family for dinner each night or do your kids have daily activites that make cooking almost impossible?

OPTION 1-Freezer Meal Workshop

We will be making 10 healthy meals without processed ingredients featuring Wildtree products for $79 plus the cost of groceries. Choose from 3 menus and 2 dates and times. These are meals you can feel really good about feeding your family.

Contact me for detailed recipes and questions. ** Vegetarian and GF options available.

Register by April 25 by ordering your product bundle from me, pay by check or credit card.

Save $10 when the first friend registers, $5 for each additional friend or host your own workshop and get your bundle for FREE.

Sunday Workshop

Sunday, May 4th, 4pm

2401 Laburnum Ave

Charlotte, NC

Monday Workshop

Monday, May 5th, 7pm

2401 Laburnum Ave

Charlotte, NC

How it Works

1. Now - Choose which set of meals to make and order your bundle by check or credit card through me.

2. 1 week prior - I will email you a detailed grocery list and pre-workshop prep instruction.

3. Before workshop – Purchase proteins, veggies and staple items from the grocery list.

4. Before workshop – Prepare (chop and assemble) pre-workshop bags.

5. Attend the workshop where we assemble the meals.

6. Leave workshop in about 90 minutes with a cooler full of meals for your family!

OPTION 2-Simple.Healthy.Dinner

Recently we unveiled a new program called 'Simple. Healthy. Dinner.' If you want some help with dinner but the freezer workshops aren't for you this may be what you are looking for. This is a monthly program that each month has 8 AMAZING recipes, all with step by step pictures, grocery lists, and under 7 steps to make! And not to mention they're all under 600 calories! These recipes are paired with a bundle of products to make all 8 recipes for $57! So relax this month, we've got you covered!

April Meals

American Goulash•Black Bean & Chicken Enchiladas with Roated Red Onion & Tomatillo Sauce•Eggplant Pizzas•Chicken Enchilada Pizza•Jerk Chicken Burgers•Jerk Pork Tenderloin with Cherry Rosemary Sauce•Roasted Butternut Squash Galette•Spinach & Artichoke Stuffed Chicken

Contact me to order, your bundle will be shipped directly to you!

Benefits to a Workshop

You will solve your "what's to make for dinner" at 4pm question.

You will GET IT DONE instead of waiting for products to arrive and not knowing what to do with them.

You will get new ideas for quick, easy and healthy meals.

You will save money. You can buy meat and chicken in bulk & take advantage of sales to avoid costly last minute impulse takeout and premium priced pre-seasoned meats at the grocery store.

You can control the quality of the ingredients keeping meals all natural , without dyes and preservatives put into the pre-made or frozen convenience meals at the store.

You will get out of a meal rut! Most of us tend to repeat the same meals.

You can sample and experiment with numerous Wildtree products.

You'll have fun! You won't be alone and you can register with friends!

You'll have leftover product to recreate favorite meals or try new recipes from the website.

You'll receive recipes for the 10 meals along with a freezer inventory sheet that includes suggested side dishes and additional recipes.