By: Izzy Pekarsky


Adolph Hitler is a wanted man, for the murder of many different people of many different races.

Adolph Hitler is a terrible man. He is wanting to take over all of Europe and kill many people of many diffrent races. You have to help find him and stop the madness.

What is he doing?

He is putting many people of all different kinds of races and religions in danger. He is sending them to concentration camps and mass murdering millions of people. He should not be able to get away with the things he is doing. WANTED!

Central Beliefs?

- Thinks Jews should be killed

- Wants to be leader

- thinks everyone should be the same

- one religion

- Jews are bad

Reasons Wanted

- Trying to take over Europe

- Mass Murders

- Persécution

- Violated Treaty of Versailles

- Involved in World War II

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