Last 10 Years of my Life

JT Garner


After graduating from Harvard, I have 2 schools in Texas and Florida, with kids with special needs. My job and awesome and I love every minute of it.


On February 2, 2022 I married my lovely wife who is a great mother to my twins, Blayton and Braxton. She is a special needs teacher for my school in Florida.

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My twins are 2 years old and growing. They love being able to be close to the beach in Florida. My family and I take a trip every year out of the Country somewhere new. My kids see flying in a plane is the greatest invention ever.

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As over the years, my interest for photography is still growing and my kids think cameras are awesome. My son Blayton wants to grow up and be a photographer but he says "I am going to be better!" So the fact my son wants to be a fun photographer like me, I think is awesome.
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