Chicken vs beef


chicken nutrients: Chicken is a great source of protein. One 6 oz. serving of chicken contains 48 g of protein. Chicken is also rich in potassium, calcium and contains no carbohydrates. The nutritional makeup of chicken makes it a healthy, filling food option. By eating healthy cuts of chicken, you'll consume only a small amount of calories and your stomach will stay full for hours. This decreases your likelihood of snacking on unhealthy foods later in the day.

Beef nutrients:

• A three-ounce serving of lean beef contributes 10 percent of calories more than 10 percent of the Daily Value for nine essential nutrients. Based on a 2000-calorie diet, just 3 ouncesof lean beef provides you 2;3

white and dark poultry

Dark meat: Dark meats simply have more myoglobin proteins, the magic stuff that ships oxygen to the muscle cells. Muscles used more frequently, get to be dark.

white meat: This is poultry tissue that is used for quick bursts of activity such as chickens have short bursts of flight