Aspen Powell

"Hakuna Matata"

"Who Am I?"

Top 3 Interests- Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Marketing and Communications.
Top 3 Skills-Journalism and Broadcasting, Professional Support Services, and Performing Arts.
Top 3 Values- Accomplishment, Innovation, and Prestige.
Top 3 Learning Skills- Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Visual.
Top 3 Clusters- Arts, A/V Technology and Communications, Marketing, and Human Services.
All of these things should be considered when deciding on a career because these are the tasks and occupations you are best at. These are also things that you seem to be interested in. These are the reasons why you should consider all these things before picking a job.

"Where am I going?"

My career as a dancer...

Job Description- Dancers express ideas and emotions through performing.

Median Annual Salary-$30,201

Job Outlook-Dancers face intense competition for a job and only the best can keep a steady job. From 2014-2024 employment is expected to grow about 5%.

Cluster- The career cluster a dancer is in is the Arts Audio/Video Technology and Communications.

Work Schedule- Dancers schedules constantly change but most professional dancers train five or six days a week. There day starts with a warm up, then they rehearse for four to six hours. After that they have a break and then that is followed by a performance or evening classes.

Work Environment- Being a dancer is very strenuous. It is very physically demanding and most stop performing in there mid to late thirties.

Interesting- There are many types of dance such as contemporary, hip hop, and jazz.

"How Do I Get There?"

Even though college is not required for becoming a dancer, I do plan on attending college.

I am not sure what college I want to attend and if I wanna become a dancer this probably isn't the best choice but the University of Arkansas. The University of Arkansas is in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I choice this college because it isn't that far from home. I will not need a degree to become a dancer.The tuition is $26,520. A scholarship that would be nice even though it doesn't have much to do with my career is the honors college academy scholarship.