The Holocaust

Justin Kim Academic 4

Are you or a loved one a child? During the Holocaust, thousands of kids have been murdered. A major piece of information is that children were killed when they arrived in killing centers (concentration camps). A majority of the kids were killed right when they got there! A second major piece of information is that children who were born in the ghettos and camps could've died but survived because other prisoners hid them. Little kids and the elderly were killed first! So, children were killed even at a young age, usually on the spot.

Children were killed at any age or time, harshly. The first reason this is stated is because most kids usually died immediately when they arrived at the killing centers (concentration camps). At Auschwitz, camp authorities sent a majority of kids straight to the gas chambers. Germans also shot thousands of kids at the edge of mass graves. The second reason why this is stated is because children who were born in the ghettos may have died if it weren't for the other prisoners who hid them. This was the fate of a majority of kids at the concentration camps: Because children were generally to young to be used for forced labor, they were selected first for being victims to be lead to mass graves to be shot. To wrap that up, children young were sent to be killed in different ways.

Finally, to sum it up. In World War II (WWII), kids were taken to concentration camps to be murdered. A majority of kids were sent to be killed automatically. Even young children were killed, but that could be prevented if another prisoner hid the baby (or child/toddler). In conclusion, we are much more fortunate than the Jewish/non Jewish children during the Holocaust because we get to live freely and peacefully, even if you're a Jew.