Animal Farm Chapter 3

Ryan Cupo


The pigs take charge of the farm and direct all of the animals to do work, but the pigs aren't doing any of the work. Know that the farmer is gone the animals get free time and they get a lot more food. The pigs came up with am idea about teaching baby animals how to read and write. The idea about where the milk went was found out, the pigs took it and saved it for them selves. Squealer is making a speech about how the milk and apples are bad for the pigs but there just ling so the pigs can have it for them selves.

Notice and Notes signposts

Sing post was again and again. pg. 36 first paragraph. Johns will come back, yes Johns will come back. At this point in the story squealer is saying we should have the milk and apples because if we failed at are job Mr. Johns will come back. "propaganda"