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St. Paul School--Kevin Brever, Principal--September 16, 2016

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“The value of life does not depend on the length of time on this Earth but rather on the amount of love given and shared to the people we care about.”

~Nishan Panwar, b. September 9, 1989 in Pune, Maharashtra, India, is a writer and blogger.

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From the Desk of the Principal

School Pictures will be on October 5th.

Library Wish List

  • Special thanks to the Swearer family for their donation to our library!
Please check out our St. Paul School library wish list at the following link:

Donors can either select from a list of current and popular titles (listed alphabetically), or opt to donate a sum of money to help us purchase titles from our wishlist. The books from this site are virtually indestructible, and each book donated comes with a donor plate on the inside cover to recognize the donor's generosity. Please help our Raiders read!

~Jen Burba

We Want Your Legos!

Parents, if you have any Legos in your home that you no longer use, please donate them to St. Paul's Creative Learning Center!!! We are working to acquire enough Lego supplies to build a Lego wall for our older students, and we also need the bigger Lego blocks for our littles (PS, PK, and Kindergarten) to utilize. Wondering why Legos are so valuable in school? Here are a few reasons:

  1. Legos provide tools that develop lateral thinking in a fun environment;
  2. Legos teach kids to think in three dimensions;
  3. Legos improve literacy as kids work with instructions;
  4. Legos develop problem-solving skills, organization, and planning by construction;
  5. Legos improve creativity;
  6. Legos enhance communication and critical thinking;
  7. Legos boost kids' motor development.

~Jen Burba

From the Classrooms


Our Preschoolers loved going to the CLC this week to play with legos and ABCMouse! They also enjoyed getting to eat lunch with their families on Thursday! We love storytime with Mrs. Pearce, reading is so fun!!
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Junior Kindergarten

Learning about Johnny Appleseed and participating in apple activities as:

  • Measuring how tall they are in apples;
  • Comparing the taste of red, yellow and green apples;
  • Graphing favorite apple flavor;
  • Eating various foods made from apples;
  • Discovering the legend behind the "star" in the middle of the apple;
  • Reading lots of fiction and nonfiction books with the apple theme.
We are also learning about "dotty" math with our numbers 1-10!


Kindergarten started on our solid shape unit this week. We have been exploring with shapes and patterns in math class and in center time.

First Grade

First Grade participated in Dot Day on Thursday. We listened to the story The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. Then we designed our own dots and used the iPads to make them come to life with the Quiver - 3D Coloring App.

In Math, we have been learning about numbers. How to write them, count on, count back, one more and one fewer.

Reading has been all about short "a" words.

  • We have read 3 different stories that helped us learn this sound and have identified it is in lots of words.
  • The 4th grade has been coming to read to us on Thursdays, too. We partner read AR stories with each other.

Brain Break - When we get restless from seating and working hard, we get to have a brain break with It's a free website with loads of fun quick brain breaks that help us get our wiggles out and focus on our work again. You can even play gonoodle at home for free!!

St. Paul News - Quiver in Action

Fourth Graders Build LEGOs in the CLC!

Social Studies

  • 5th Grade on Thursday and Friday worked on Kachina dolls, giving them a chance to experience the religion of the Hopi and Zuni Native Americans.

  • 7th Grade is working in the ancient Egyptian times - working to learn how to read and write Hieroglyphics. Some are making ancient writing tools while others are doing comparisons.

Eighth Grade

The 8th grade went on their "To Save a Life" retreat a few weeks ago. The family leaders included Mr. Streble, Mr. Brever, Mrs. Burba and several former St. Paul students. Those students were Maddie Wilson (sophomore at Holy Cross), Ashlynn Tucker (sophomore at Presentation), Ally Schum (Sophomore at Holy Cross), Jill Roberts (Junior at Presentation), and Ian Barnett (sophomore at DeSales). Dave Neeson, our youth minister, presided over the retreat.

The experience was based on the film "To Save a Life", in which a young man's life is thrown into chaos by many factors around him. He chooses to dedicate his life to his faith and many changes take place, some positive and some negative.

The class learned from each other as much as they did from the movie and their leaders. They worked to resolve conflict and to support one another in faith and in life. They are still working to bring those values to the school and community here at St. Paul.

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Justin H


The retreat, in my opinion was amazing. Some people were reluctant to go before, but they soon found out that they were wrong. The retreat felt like a place of understanding. Nobody was acumen, and we all got along and have great deals of fun. After everyone shared, I felt like we were all united as a class and no one was showing perfidiousness. I think the way it was set up to help get us closer was phenomenal. Before the retreat, I had my doubts, but I was surely proven wrong. The people running the retreat seemed to know how to connect to us and bring us closer. Also, I think that the family groups were great, because it helped us start out small and grow together. This whole retreat also helped my religion too. It helped me realize how others feel in comparison to me, and it helped me think about my tough times and to know that I'm not alone. Altogether, I think this retreat was a great idea, and it really helps a lot of people communicate and feel united as a family.

Madelyn E

Retreat Experience


My experience with retreat was wonderful. It felt good to open up and share what I needed to share about myself. I did have a lot I needed to share and I am thankful I did so in my family groups and also in front of everyone. I feel like our class got much closer and some of us matured, but also grew closer to Christ. I had a lot of fun hanging out all together as a whole/family, and playing and doing activities. It definitely will be an experience I will remember forever.

Kaylee W

I think the retreat made our class grow together immediately. It was a very eye-opening experience. It reminded you that you never really know someone’s story. Also, that you should never judge someone until you know their story. Retreat definitely made us not only a better 8th grade class, but it made us an 8th grade family.

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Nevaeh G

My Retreat Experience

September 16, 2016

At retreat, it was really comforting to just let everything out and not be judged. I thought I was one of the only one’s going through something, but hearing others share made me feel like I didn’t have to hide anything, or that I was understood. I’m very grateful for the things I have, and going to a catholic school, but I always knew something was missing. Going on retreat was very life-changing for me. Not only to get things off of my chest but to let other people know that they aren’t the only ones, and that they can always talk to me.

Saint Paul Music Ministry

Saint Paul Youth Choir

Dear Parents,
  • Saint Paul Youth Choir began rehearsals on Monday, August 29 from 3:00-4:00 pm.
Choir is open to students in grades 3-8.
  • Rehearsals continue every Monday from 3-4 pm for one hour following school.

I will pick the students up from the school at 3:00, and the rehearsals will be in the church. Please be sure to attend every rehearsal, as there will be more new material presented that evening.

Choir performances will begin Sunday, September 25th, at the 9:30 am Mass. Students should arrive no later than 9:00 am, as we will rehearse in the chapel before Mass. If, for whatever reason, your child is not able to make rehearsal on any given Monday or Mass on any given Sunday, please let me know at least a day in advance so the choir and I can plan accordingly.

If you have any questions, please email me at . I look forward to being your child’s director for this exciting Season!


Mr. Anthony Ransom

Saint Paul Catholic Church Music Minister

Hand Chime/Bell Ministry

Dear Friends,

Ring in the new season as Saint Paul Music Ministry announces the exploration of a new

Hand Chime /Bell ministry to our parish. St. Lawrence Catholic Church graciously loaned their hand chimes to explore beginning a Hand Chime / Bell program.

  • What are Hand chimes? Hand chimes ring a rich, mellow tone when played. It is our hope that once the program is established, we would invest in Hand Bells, which ring a bright, brilliant tone.
If you were at 4:00 Christmas Eve Mass in 2015, you would have noticed our very own Kacy Michel performed the “Gloria” with hand bells. This added a whole new dynamic to our worship experience! Acclaimed Hand Chime / Bell player Donna Vaughn and I, along with her Hand Bell Choir, hosted a Hand Chime interactive workshop on Thursday, September 15th at 6:00 pm. All adults & youth are welcome to attend, and if interested, single / family registration will be available.
  • Rehearsals for Hand Chime / Bell choir will begin Thursday, September, 22nd at 6:00-7:00 p.m.


Mr. Anthony Ransom

Saint Paul Catholic Church Music Minister


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From the PTO

PTO Committee Members

President -------- Stephanie Gayheart ----- 502-379-0323
Vice President -- Michelle Huber ----- 502-671-3851
Secretary -------- Bobbi Osborn ----- 502-645-5326
Treasurer -------- Becky Baird ----- 502-418-6343


Archery and Basketball Signups Until 10/3

We are currently accepting sign-ups for Archery and Basketball. Both sports are open to boys and girls in grades 3-8. You can signup at Information about fees and the season can be found in the "Sports Info 2016-2017" document located at the same site. All persons interested in coaching should send a sports resume to Lisa Bisig at that includes the team and sport you want to coach.

  • Deadline for signups is October 3rd.

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