Gym Candy

by carl deuker

He had everything he wanted untill it came to football

A high school football player named mick Johnson who's determined to fulfill his dream in the NFL and try not to make the same mistake his dad made but when he was tackled a few yards short of winning the championship he knew it was time for a change so he started using steroids and getting the results he wanted but that's when his best friend found out he was taking gym candy and he tried to kill himself. but the bullet missed and was taken to the hospital and was put in therapy. At that moment he came from one of the best to a nobody. Winning isn't everything its the only thing - Mick Johnson


I chose this book because i like football and the cover caught my favorite part of the book occurred when mick started taking gym candy and his friend found out and mick tried to kill himself. In my opinion the book is very good, some reasons i liked the book was because it has a wonderful ending. It also had a great switch from good to bad and the last reason is it shows what steroids can do to you. Overall i would rate this book a 5 out of 5 and for athletes to read because its really good and it took a sharp turn at the end and everything was setup so good that you didn't know what was going to happen next also it gives you an example of what steroids can do to you.
Gym Candy Book Trailer