The Buddhist Religion

Who was the Buddha?

Siddhartha Gotama was the Buddha. He realized the one thing we all need to realize, money isn't nor can buy happiness. Him being born into the royal family knew a thing or two about having money. He decided to look at and explore other religions. Happiness was locked and he wanted to find the key. After 6 years he had three paths and finally took the middle one. He became enlightened, He then decided other people should feel the way he does and spent his life teaching the way of the Buddhist religion. He called it the Dhamma or truth and continued on teaching it until his death at age 80. He never claimed to be a God, and he wasn't

What exactly is Buddhism?

Buddhism is a religion. However today it is more of a way of life, philosophy. The word Buddhism comes from budhi meaning "to awaken" Many people over the word more than 300 million believe or are apart of the Buddhism religion. It is being enlightened being awakened , being free. It's knowing that money can't make you happy no matter how much it is. It is to lead a moral life, to be mindful and aware of thoughts and actions, it is to develop wisdom and understanding. That is Buddhism

What is the nobel 8-fold path?

The Nobel 8-fold path is just like the "middle path". It's the path you have to take to become enlightened. It's what you need to take to find all the things of the Buddhism religion. You take this path and you too will be enlightened, You too will develop the wisdom and lead a moral life. This is the path of Buddha this is it.