Colonial Life

By Caleb Zajac-Woodie

Colonial life

Colonial life was odd an interesting and also dangerous enter if you dare! When the colonists first got to North America they did not no what to do at first but they learned quickly. They soon learned to build houses they were simple at first but got slowly bigger. They also had to get food they were thankful for the Indians help hunting and gathering. After they built houses they made schools. The children had a lot different life then we do now a day. The colonist had a lot of trouble at the start but like us they got better as they learned more about what they did.


In the colonial times people could not just go pay an architect to build you a house you have to build your own. The poor lived in dirt dugout houses because they could not afford lubber. The middle class lived in wooden house with 1-2 rooms. They made doors out of saplings and mud they they wove the branches ad plastered them with mud. The rich people who lived in the south lived in big painted wooden houses and maybe a plantion. They had to do the hard work of building there townhouse and not pay someone to do it for them.


In the colonial times they harvested and grew there own crops. They grew and ate wheat, barley, corn, tobacco and rice. They made bread out of the of the ground up wheat and corn. For protein they ate turkey, bear, rabbit and squirrel. If you lived by the sea you ate lobster, clams, fish and oysters. They made corn bread, corn cake, and many other corn made breads. They made all there food and not go to the store.

Daily Life

In colonial times they had different a schedule then us. Both mother and father went to work the whole day and then came home for dinner. The kids went to school and then came home to work. On Sundays they went to church for the whole day and learned about God. In colonial times they did many different things to entertain them selves.

Concluding Paragraph

When the colonists first got here they did not no what to do but learned quickly. They soon learned to build homes which got slowly bigger. They also had to provide food for themselves. After they they built homes they built schools for learning. These are the 3 important things about colonial life.