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August Newsletter

Dates To Remember

Nashville Training with Michelle Freatman (must have pre-registered)

September 20-21

Sweetwater Regional Meeting

October 15th

Wartburg Local Meeting

October 21st

August Recognition!

Welcome New Owlettes!

Get Ready for Fall!!

Busiest Selling time of the year!

  • Ladies, get ready for the busiest selling time of the year!! Get those bookings on your calendar and get ready to stay busy busy busy!! :-)
  • Make sure to book all the way through for your season, not just one month at a time! This will ensure that you keep your momentum going!!
  • There is all kinds of training in your back office! Be sure to check out the webinars because that is where a TON of our new information will be coming from directly the Nest!
  • Make Sure your last 6 month's PV is at $199 by September 30th to stay active!
    You should have received this in an email from the Nest but in case you overlooked it:

    {Designer Inactivity Deadline Extension}

    During the past week, the Nest has received calls letting us know that many of you have Jewelry Bars scheduled over the next few months. In response, we have extended the cancellation date indicated in our previous email to Monday September 30, 2013. This means that if you have not placed an order or generated $199 in PV in the last 6 months, we ask that you do so by Monday September 30, 2013 in order to avoid having your Designer status cancelled. Please feel free to email the Nest’s Compliance Department with any questions; we are here to help!

  • NO MORE WAITLIST!! How awesome is that! Now when people join, they join our teams immediately!!!
  • All inventory is IN STOCK!! OMG! That's the best news EVER!!!!
  • I have had some ask about who they are suppose to go to as far as questions, etc. Technically you are suppose to go to your immediate mentor and ask them and then they are to go to their upline and ask if they don't know the answer. This way the learning process works all the way up and down the line. However, My 'door' is always open for you all even if you are not in my first line of my downline. I love each of you to pieces and am here for you no matter how you got on the team! :-) I am here for you :-)

Where's Our Owl's At?

Team Members Not Pictured:

Rhonda Kemmer - Crab Orchard, TN

Lindsay Bird - Lubbock, TX

Kelli Millraney - Tullahoma, TN

Kelsey Hamby - Jamestown, TN

About Your Mentor

Patty Justice

August Sales: $768.24

Personally Mentored:

1st Line: 14

2nd Line: 6

Team Member Total: 20