Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Old School

This Book is great!

Characters and setting

Characters: Greg, Rodrick, Frank, Susan, Manny, Rowley, Rowley's Dad, Girl scouts, and Greg's Camp Friends.

Setting: Greg's house, community Playground, Hardscrabble Farm


Greg's neighborhood decides to go electronic free which means disaster for Greg. Soon after Greg's grandfather decided to go and move in with Greg. Rodrick decided he needed money so he went and worked at an ice cream parlor. He worked there for a full week until he was fired. Greg also figured he needed money so he set up a lemonade stand. Greg was sucked into doing community work but escaped it along with some other teens.

Additional Pictures

Plot Continued...


It was almost time for Greg to go to Hardscrabble Farm. Once he got there he realized he was stuck in a cabin with Rowley and Rowley's dad as the cabin supervisor. His cabin was the one with all the sweaty group of outcast boys. Greg believes his little trip wasn't overall a disaster, he eventually had a great time.

Book Rating

This book should receive a 4 out of 5 star rating because it appeals to my age. It is about a boy my age therefore it is a very interesting read.

Critique My Book

This Book didn't really fall to far from my expectations. The vocabulary was challenging, but not to challenging. it was as well written as 1-9 of this series. The plot may have bounced around a little at time but it was over all a great read. I recommend this book to those who like an hour or two quick read that is interesting and very fun to read.