Collin County Jr. Livestock Show

Swine Show

Important Information

****** PLEASE READ******



Since the show is in Collin County, you may drive yourself to the show. Students may also ride with a parent, but you cannot ride with other students.


Please remember that Myer's Park does not allow outside food.

Clean up and Concessions

There are two sessions, one concession and one clean-up, during the week of the county show that our chapter is required to work. The shifts are on a rotation schedule from year to year and you can find our scheduled times below. You must attend your shift if you show a project or animal at the county show.

The clean-up: Wednesday after the rabbit show. Of course, we don't know the exact time the show will end, in the past it's over around 7:30pm. They moved the show up and hour this year, so we are guessing 6:30pm. Please be there by then.

Concessions: Friday - 4:00 pm- 7:00pm. This is shift is during the steer show so it is a busy one. We will need all students and thier parents help. Please wear a cap!

Monday, 1/9 -

Please get your feed ready for us the night before.

Your pig will be fed before loading by myself and Mauri. Mauri will be the only student at Myer's park all day. Her and I will feed and water pigs until you get there at 4:45.

PLEASE GET THERE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE WHEN SCHOOL GETS OUT. Showmanship starts at 6:00 pm sharp. You need time to wash, prep, feed and water before showmanship.

(Hint- bring your show clothes to school on Monday so you can go strait from school to Myer's Park)

Tuesday, 1/10 -

7:30 am - First feeding

Noon - Swine show starts

(You must be present and caring for your pig at all time on Tuesday. This is a critical day for your success at the show.)

Wednesday, 1/11 -

7:30 AM - Luke - meet at ag barn.

Luke will do the morning feeding and help bring pigs back to the ag barn.

Please make sure you take care of your pig at the ag barn in Plano before you come to Myer's park for clean-up at 6:30.

Friday, 1/13 -

3:45 pm - 7:00 pm - Plano East Concession Stand (If you are showing at CCJLA, you MUST attend this concession stand duty. If you are showing at this time, you will not be required to work.)

Show Schedule

Saturday, 1/7

10:00 am - Clipping at barn - Please have your pig clean and dry and morning feeding done. Please bring the $13 for your shavings at county.

Sunday, 1/8

1:00 pm - Meet at barn to gather things and load tack.

2:00 pm - Leave for Myer's Park to set up pens.

Noon-6:00 pm - Set-up/tack move in

Monday, 1/9

7:00 am - meet at barn to feed and load pigs.

8:00 am - leave barn for McKinney

9:00 am - swine arrival and weigh-in

3:00 pm - Shop project arrival

10:00 pm - all tack must be in place

6:00 pm - Swine Showmanship

Tuesday, 1/10

9:00 am - Shop Judging

Noon - Swine Show

Wednesday, 1/11

8:00 am - Sheep and Goat arrival

10:00 am - Rabbit move in

11:30 am - Rabbit Show Begins

2:00 pm - Poultry move in

3:00 pm - Poultry Show Begins

6:30 pm - Plano East Clean-up (If you are showing at CCJLA, you MUST attend this cleanup session. We cannot start cleaning until after the rabbit show. It is usually done around 6:30 pm)

Thursday, 1/12

10:00 am - Goat Show begins

3:00 pm - Sheep Show begins

6:00 pm - cattle must be in place

Friday, 1/13

9:00 am - Horticulture check-in

9:00 am - Heifer Judging begins

10:00 am - Horticulture Judging begins

4:30 pm - Queen Contest Finalists

5:00 pm - Steer Judging

3:45 pm - 7:00 pm - Plano East Concession Stand (If you are showing at CCJLA, you MUST attend this concession stand duty. If you are showing at this time, you will not be required to work.)

Saturday, 1/14

9:00 am - Ribbon Auction Breakfast

10:00 am - Special Awards Presentation

10:30 am - Ribbon Auction begins

What should you bring?

FEED - 10 pounds of 14560 and 10 pounds of 24440. Please keep them seperate! PLEAE HAVE YOUR FEED LABELED

SUPPLEEMENTS - electrolytes and any other supplement you are currently feeding (lubriSyn, z1L, ect.)


GROOMING SUPPLIES - shampoo, champions choice, final bloom, ect.




WATER SPRAYER - if you have one


POOPER SCOOPER (technical term)

ZIP TIES - 1 - 25 pack (75 lbs, 12 in or longer)