space trip

The adventure of a life time

travel to the depths

Travel the milky way and see the stars planets and much much more up close

perfect unfiltered beauty

We have windowed rooms just for gazing at the yonder

our space cruiser

Our ceo checks every ship over before we take off so you can feel safe.


You will be able to climb the mountains of mars that it is famous for. you will be also aloud to take mars rocks and pictures. We will be arriving at Olympus Mons the highest mountain on mars we then trek down the mountain. After half way down we will then teleport to the surface for exploration. You will be fitted with a space suit that will adjust to your body heat.

A wormhole

We will create a wormhole that acts as a shortcut to the milky way. A wormhole is like a tunnel that connects two points in space-time. If used correctly it can be used as transport to save time on our trip. A wormhole is like a hole in a 2d piece of paper that leads to another tear. If you go through it you will take you to the other tear

milky way

We will go outside the milky galaxy and look into from outside a beauty worth seeing and explore a bit


We will blast off from earth

We will take a scenic route to mars and our guide will point out all the locations and facts

Now we will land on Olympus Mons the highest mountain on mars. we will then climb Down halfway and then teleport down for exploration feel free to take souvenirs like mars rocks and dust

After a day or so we will leave the red planet we will then create a wormhole so we can Travel to the milky way within few minutes

Now we can see the stars and sit back and relax

After a day or so exploring the milky way and we will use another worm whole to go back

We will now land on earth


60 thousand caps for economy

70 thousand caps for premium this includes a glass room just for viewing

from our ceo