Get Healthy

“Today's children will be the first generation for some time to have poorer health outcomes and a shorter life expectancy than their parents."

I say

I feel surprised because this generation of kids have a lot of ways to get active and there are so many healthy alternatives for processed foods unlike in the 90s. Kids from this generation are less healthy than their parents I know this because my parents are more healthy than me. Kids should live longer than their parents and I thought this generation would live longer than their parents.I think the kids of this generation should start getting healthy instead of the older people worrying about it.I know some people my age or older having health problems that you would get in your 50s or 60s which is not right , kids should be healthy and active .


This matters because after a few generations humans could go extinct if child obesity keeps going on. And no parent wants their kids to be unhealthy and obese.There should be something done about it. Parents should push their kids to be active and take responsibility.there should be less processed food in the house or stores. The government can make buying healthy stuff more convenient.There should be more PSA’s about child obesity I have not seen any PSA’s about this topic that much. Since most kids trust advertisements and always watch them.