Water pollution

Jesse Stone

importance of clean water

Water is important the more clean water we have that people drink, the less people will die from dirty water. unlike dirty water, we need/use clean water to clean, cook, take showers, and watering grass/flowers.

Three countries with water pollution issues

1. Afghanistan-Only 13% of the country has clean drinking water, only 27% of it population has access to improved water sources, and it goes down by 20% in rural areas.

2. Ethiopia-Population of 82 million,42% have access to a improved water supply, 11% has access to clean sanitation. the lack of water contributes to a high infant morality rate of 77/1,100, health problems, and lack of education.

3. India-India's water source has been contaminated by sewage and agriculture runoff. Reports that 21% of communicable diseases in india are related to unsafe water.

Three countries possible soulutions

1. Commercialization of Afghanistan water and sanitation activity should pair up with other organizations and create wells that can process clean water, or build something that can turn dirty water to clean water.

2. Ethiopia, should get together with the countries next to then and build pipes to raise the percentage of clean sanitations and improve water supplies.

3. India should build a deep leachate and have the sewage separate for the clean water so the sewage wont run into the clean water.

Pollution (Land, Air and Water Pollution)