Weekly Newsletter

April 11th-15th

You won't Bee-lieve what we are running out of...

  • Crayons 24 count
  • Whiteboard markers (low odor)
  • Tissues
  • Clorox wipes
  • Pencils (preferably Ticonderoga)

Language Arts-Reading

Reading Focus:

  • Unit: Author Study
  • The book we will be focusing on the this week is Lily's Plastic Purse
  • We are working on character analysis. What kind of character is ____? What proof did the author give you that (character) is (character trait)? This is a great thing to work on with your child's reading book, at home. As he/she is reading more difficult books, they author will no longer say "(character) is funny/smart/observant," he/she will give clues. The clues to look for are: what the character says, feels, does, thinks, as well as what other characters say and think.


This Week:

  • Phonics rule: the two sounds of y: long e (monkey) and long i (shy)
  • Word Wall Words: study, carry, try, party, under, heavy
  • Remember...If your child needs extra practice, there are lots of resources on our website.

ELA Skill

  • We will be starting our study of suffixes
  • -er (meaning more) For example: taller means more tall
  • -est (meaning most) For example: tallest means most tall
  • -ly (meaning in a way) For example: quickly means in a way that is quick
  • A way to practice this as a family is to take turns giving the rest of the family a word that includes -ful or -less (or any of the prefixes that we have already studied: un-, re-, pre-, dis-, and mis-) and the family has to tell you the meaning of the word. For example, if I gave my family the word unfair, they would tell me not fair. To spice it up, you may switch it around and give your family the meaning and they have to guess the word. You tell your family to do something again and they tell you that your word is redo.


  • Prompt: Do you think Sheila Rae is brave?
  • Ways to challenge yourself...use compound sentences (with a FANBOY), use various transitions, use adjectives where appropriate.


  • We will be wrapping up our unit on time.
  • Make sure you are looking for the Symbaloo on the 2nd grade website if your student need additional practice.

Dance Party

We filled up our MARBLE Jar (class incentive program) and voted to have a dance party as our reward. We were so lucky to have Miss Bridgett (a former NYC Rockette) teach us a fun dance. Then we had a freestyle dance party. We had a rockin' time!

Other Important Dates

We have lots of important dates coming up:
  • April 12th-Spring Pictures
  • April 15th-Farmers Market (see details below)
  • April 15th and 16th-Country Fair
  • April 18th-21st: Earth Week at SEES (see details below)
  • May 5th: Baby Shower for Mrs. Bordonaro
  • May 19th-Open House

Country Fair Volunteers Needed

We are in NEED of volunteers to make this fabulous event happen. Over 700 spots need to be filled. Below is the link to sign up for a volunteer block.


Farmers' Market

Next Friday a local farmer will be coming to our school to teach our students about what a Farmers' Market is and then the students will get to "buy" fresh, local produce. It is a fun event and usually exposes students to fruits and vegetables that they maybe hadn't tried before.

Earth Week at SEES

Earth Week is put on by Planet Heroes

A Little History

  • Founded in 1970 as a day of education about environmental issues, Earth Day is now a globally celebrated holiday that is sometimes extended into Earth Week, a full seven days of events focused on green awareness.

Next Planet Heroes Meeting

  • Wednesday, April 13th at 8:15am at the lunch tables. Everyone is invited! Come help make posters and signs for Earth Week.

Earth Day Spirit Week

  • Monday 4/18 - Wear blue and green day- walk or bike to school
  • Tuesday 4/19 - Paperless Day - use less paper
  • Wednesday 4/20- Zero Trash lunch day- wear recycled jewelry
  • Thursday 4/21- Lights off day (less electricity)- BYOB- bring your own book and recycled water bottle and read a book on the field.
  • Friday 4/22- Our earth is paradise day- Beach/tropical day

Mrs. Bordonaro's Baby Shower

  • May 5th from 11:45-1:15
  • Be on the lookout for an invite and more information through weekly newsletters
  • It will be run like one of our normal parties ( rotations) so we will be looking for lots of volunteers
  • We will also have a sign up genius for donations.