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Eric Clapton and his musical journey

Eric Clapton's Early Life

  • Eric Clapton was born on March 30th, 1945.
  • His mother, Pat, was 16 and unmarried. She left Eric in the care of her mother, Rose, and Rose's second husband, Jack, who raised Eric in Ripley.
  • Eric was British.
  • Eric never got to meet his father but he always thought he was Canadian.
  • Eric Clapton and his friend Jeff Beck, were caught between a new war while American rock and roll and the blues were becoming well known.

Their Music

  • In 1992, Eric Clapton went on tour after his song, "Tears in Heaven" went to number two.
  • Eric Clapton's song "Reptile" was inspired by his late (passed away) uncle Adrian Clapton.
  • Their music was Rock and Roll.
  • Eric Clapton was a guitarist.
  • Eric was passionate about the Blues.
  • Eric Clapton was a composer.

Interesting Facts

  • Eric Clapton began to abuse alcohol and heroin after Duane Allman dies in a motorcycle crash in 1971, and Jimi Hendrix had overdosed on drugs.
  • In 1981Eric Clapton had to cancel an entire tour due to penetrating ulcers caused by excessive alcohol.
  • Over time, Eric Clapton and his late uncle, Adrian Clapton "got lost" (grew apart) in Eric's words.
  • Eric Clapton was known as rocks most legendary and influential guitarist.
  • Jeff Beck was Eric's partner.
  • Eric Clapton was good at improvising.


  • Eric Clapton and his friend Jeff Beck escaped from the chaos of the new war that was happening, through music.
  • Eric Clapton was known to be very talented and creative in how he made music.

Time Period

  • Eric Clapton's rhythm guitarist has been with him for over 10 years.
  • Eric Clapton began his musical journey in 1960.
  • At the age of 15, Eric got his first guitar.

By Mackenna Steininger and Sydney Wine